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Power of Attorney

An Enduring Power of Attorney could be the most signifcant and important document you can do for your family during your lifetime if you ever happen to find yourself incapable of looking after your own affairs.

Did you know that if you can’t look after your own affairs that the Public Trustee (Adult Guardian) takes control of your affairs. This is to the exclusion of your spouse/de facto/family.

Of course you may prefer your family or a person of your choice to look after you and your affairs. To do this you need an Enduring Power of Attorney.

Enduring Power of Attorney:

  • you can appoint one or more people to be your attorney,
  • you can determine when the attorney will actually commence (i.e. it is possible that it will only commence when you are incapacitated),
  • you could put limitations upon what your attorney can do,
  • it will continue notwithstanding that you may be incapacitated
  • it can be revoked by you at any time
  • it can be set up to be used for covenience (e.g. if you are not in a position to do or sign something  – like if you are away).

We can help with establishing a Power of Attorney that is suitable for your circumstances.

You can download the below instruction sheet, complete the same, and send it to us and we can review it and contact you with the costs for completing the work for you.


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